"Shows you what triggers you in people and things. Take 3 minutes and check it out."

Tony Robbins, Christian Coach to Billionaires, Movie Stars, United States Presidents


"A staple for branding † design. Once you use it you'll never design without it."

Wisdom Trust Capital, American Real Estate Investment Bank

"It is an incredible tool that assists in driving revenue."

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, IHG

BLUPRINT™ Global Branding GPS

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VisualTargeting® Is Trusted By Fortune 500s Businesses Bestsellers Celebrities In 182 Countries
VisualTargeting® Is The New Industry Standard In Design Trusted In 182 Countries Worldwide

The Industry Standard in Visual Style


Trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers and Celebrities in 181 World Nations

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VisualTargeting® Was Started In 2007 by Steven Kronick